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Losing loved ones is a big turning point in our lives, and we must all face it one day. But we aren't taught how funerals work and what you need to do. The loss and grief can also weaken a person physically, so we at Gainesville funeral services are here to provide you with the services you will need for a proper funeral. Be it burial, memorial, cremation; we can do it all for you.

It's a psychological belief that viewing a deceased is essential in the path of accepting the loss of a special someone. So, we do these services in traditional ways, respect the dead, and part with them in the right way.

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Traditional Funeral Services

Traditional funeral services refer to those which involve certain events and elements. We place the deceased in a casket for viewing or public visitation in any place of your choice. Then they can be buried at the location you choose.

There's also an option for cremation, but you can have a rental casket or a cremation casket for those. The funeral can be done at a time of your choice, and this type is what we call traditional cremation services.

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Memorial services and funeral Services

People often misunderstand that memorial services are different than funeral services. They both have a big difference, and we will tell what.

  • The simple difference is that if the deceased's body is present at the service, it is called a funeral service. But if the body is not present, then it's a memorial service.
  • When an immediate burial occurs before service, the service is considered a memorial service.
  • If the body has been cremated and the service is held with the deceased's cremated remains, then it is a memorial service.

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Immediate BURIAL

If you do not wish for cremation or embalmment, then you can choose the option of burials. This is also called green burial and requires the use of a burial vault. Most people don't select the option of using a casket in this type since it's only their choice. So, a casket is entirely optional in immediate burials. Because burials have laws related to the time difference between death and burial, we provide a refrigeration system so that the time can be extended if needed.

If you choose this option, it does not mean there won't be any memorial service. We are here to make sure you get each service and things go well.

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Cremation services

We offer our cremation services, which helps us keep the expenses low, and provide better services. This way, you don't need to worry about timings and focus on accepting the loss and grief. We know these times can be challenging, so we have staff there for you through every step of the way. We are compassionate and respectful and will make sure that the funeral services go well.

Choosing the cremation option does not mean there is no viewing; we believe viewing is the way to accept someone's loss. So, we have our cremation services, where we can have viewing one evening, and then the cremation, followed by memorial services the next day.

Five Types of Funerals

If you didn't know already that there are five types of funeral services, you aren't alone, many people don't know, and so, we will tell you what they are and how we do them.

Funeral Service

This funeral service is traditional, and the events in this service can depend on the deceased's religion and belief. The main idea of this is to celebrate and remember the life of the person who has died.

It takes place within a few days of the incident. It can be done at the deceased's home, or their family, or maybe a church. The friends and family join and pay respects to the dead and provide comfort to the family.

In this service, the deceased's body must be present and not cremated because burial or cremation occurs after the funeral services.

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Memorial Service

Memorial services are for the deceased and remember their lives, where some share stories and honor the person. It is done after the burial or cremation of the dead. If it's cremated, then the remains can be present at the memorial in a jar.

Since the body is not present, this service can be held any time after death, but most prefer within a week to accept the loss and part ways with them. Some think that it should happen after grief has been passed, so you can celebrate their life and say goodbye happily. The memorial service can happen anywhere from a beach or a park.

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Committal Services

This type of service is a small ritual that involves praying—sometimes praying near the deceased's graveside. It takes place near the graveside or in a cremation chapel.

Many religions follow this, and almost all funeral services provide this service.

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Viewing and Visitation

  • Viewing is organized with an open casket in the funeral, where the friends and family can say their goodbyes to the deceased's body.
  • Visitation is where people visit the family of the deceased and show their sympathy. The friends comfort the family in times of grief, and it's also the time where they share their experience and try to find goodness in sad times.

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Funeral Reception

A funeral reception is usually held after the other services, during which the family and friends remember and celebrate the life of the deceased in a better and casual place. These are mostly held at the family's house, but it can be done in a restaurant, a venue, or even a church. Food and drinks are served at this event.

Viewings, visitations, and reception can help the family accept the loss and pass the grieving period. You can share memories of the deceased and find comfort in being with people going through the same thing as you.

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